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In life, we all need coaches, this applies as much to the man on the street, the parent, employee, the person with a broken relationship as to the high-flying executive or entrepreneur. My starting point is that it does not matter where you are in life, we all need help to understand who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

Life Coaching

Life coaching presents many possibilities, but at its most effective it can provide the focus and possibilities that one needs to achieve their goals with something that we are often guilty of taking for granted: motivation.
Motivation is the mindset that creates possibilities. If you are motivated there is no end to the potential achievement that you can create for yourself.

Business Coaching

All businesses have aims and aspirations that they wish to achieve within a particular time frame. Of course, everyone needs to strive for certain goals, but it’s important to realise that achievement is often dependent on how successful someone is at cultivating relationships and the ability to communicate effectively ; this is certainly true in business.
My coaching is designed to help staff in any organisation to perform at their optimum.


Mentoring is a way of supporting another person while not making decisions for them. A mentor acts like a role model by making suggestions and exploring ideas; this approach is taken in order to support the mentee in considering different ideas and forms of managing their life and work.
Managers can access the services of a mentor to help them build a successful business or they can provide this service for staff who are aspiring to become supervisors and managers within their organisation.

About Dr. Lynda Ince

My Philosophy is simple and yet complex.

As a Performance Life Coach, I am passionate about coaching people from all walks of life whether in their personal or work relationships. My philosophy is to provide a quality service with an emphasis on the individual creating higher levels of success.

I coach people to understand who they are, what they want and where they want to get to by working on their fears and by taking more responsibility and ownership of their lives.

I use tools to support creative thinking, self-analysis, a balanced approach to life, wholeness, wellbeing, enhanced confidence, and self-esteem.

It is my authenticity, friendly disposition, warmth and enthusiasm that will take you on an incredible journey of self-discovery that will allow you to invite freedom and abundance into your life.

Contact me today to start the process that leads towards the change that you deserve!

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