My Mother’s Wise Words

My mother died at the age of eighty-five and during those years I often heard her saying phrases that summed up what life was like for her. Some of these sayings not only came down through her generation but from her cultural way of knowing and understanding people. These sayings gave her a unique perspective on life. One such of these sayings was there is more in the mortar than the pestle. A mortar is used to grind spices and herbs making them good for authentic Barbadian cuisine. In helping her children to make wise decisions she would encourage us to look beyond what we could see. Today we hardly speak these sayings to our children, but when I think of the mortar and passel analogy, I think that it was such a wise concept to fuse into my mind. I have used it when dealing with problems with colleagues, with close friends and even with my family. I use it when I have to make decisions because it helps me to see different perspectives. It helps with my perception of things that are not so obvious.

I visualise the mortar and the pestle and associate them with positive memories of my mum. Mostly I think of her wisdom in making decisions, choices and options. Whitmore said that when we are setting goals we must think of the options, in other words we must widen our thinking.

I think my mum had wisdom beyond her years and possibly beyond her peers of her day.
I will share more of my mother’s wise sayings with you.

Would you like to see beyond what is in the mortar? CLC can give you the tools to do just that.