No Such Thing as Failure, Only Feedback

Most employees want to know that they are doing a good job and meeting the demands of their role. Giving helpful and timely feedback is what motivates people to do their best. Yet, it is one of the most neglected areas of people management. Time is not the only factor that gets in the way of giving feedback, but more importantly a lack of interpersonal skills and understanding of psychology is often the culprit.

Here is an example worth thinking about. I was coaching a man who I will call Sid. His manager felt that he was under performing. During my first coaching session with Sid he was very angry to the point of being hostile and intransigent. My plan was to begin by asking Sid to talk about his goals. I discovered that he had been in the employ of the organisation for more than five years but his progression was zilch. He talked about several incidents where he had not received feedback from his manager, but the one that bothered him most was when he was humiliated in a meeting in the presence of senior managers. He was openly ridiculed for the presentation of his work and was told that he should do as well as another member of the team whose work was always well presented. This open attack had a devastating effect on Sid’s confidence. Far from improving his attitude became more entrenched.

Giving feedback can pull employees up and keep them motivated to reach even better standards. However, in order for new learning to occur, effective and constructive feedback is critical.

We all operate at different levels and therefore have different capabilities. Thus, the ability to give good feedback can make the difference between success and failure. My role as a performance coach is to give the quality of feedback that will help employees improve their performance. If an employee is able to reflect and implement helpful feedback it will ultimately improve the output of a business.

Here is some feedback I recently received after I had mentored a group of students and helped them to reach their goal
“ I never thought I would see’ the light at the end of the tunnel’, that’s great news. Thank you for your support”

“Lynda thanks so much once more for your support during the course! You have been great to me all this time! I could not have made it without your support!

Support is key to success but also keeping people connected to their original goal is what ultimately creates the conditions for a successful outcome.

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