Make that Change

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” Robert Kiyosaki

Today as I was driving home and as is my custom the radio was my company. I listened to a song I had heard a million times before not really concentrating on the lyrics, but more on the tune. The late Michael Jackson sang this song; it is called ‘Man in the Mirror’. The man in the mirror is himself and the words that caught my attention was “I’m staring at the man in the mirror I’m asking him to change his ways” and finally he ends with three simple words ‘make that change’.

How do we make change happen? There is no doubt that change is difficult, but no more so than when we become older and get set in our ways. Change is also difficult when people engage in behaviours that are habitual, addictive and harmful. Familiar sayings like an old dog cannot learn new tricks, you can’t teach your granny to suck eggs and you can’t change the habits of a life time reinforce the idea that change is impossible. Change is difficult but not impossible. What actually stops change taking place are the limitations we place on ourselves, otherwise known as limiting beliefs. Too often we can be defeated by fear and thoughts of failure, negative self-image, lack of confidence and a defeatist mind-set. The day change becomes impossible is the day we die, until then we continue learning and hopefully improving on what we come to know and understand about ourselves.

Rob Yeung in his best selling book called ‘You can change your life’, asserts that people can’t be changed they have to want to change. I would argue that for anyone to change they must do a lot of navel gazing, and heart searching. The answers we get may fill us with dread, but it can herald the beginning of a change process. Change requires motivation, determination, perseverance and persistence. Over time bad habits or undesired ways of behaving are replaced with new behaviours. So I wholeheartedly agree with Robert Yeung, no one can change us, but we can change if the desire exists deep within us. It is only when we face the fear that we get to be on the other side that is namely being who we truly want to be.

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