Profit before People

All we need to do is listen, notice and observe as we go about our daily business. I say this because I am a bit curious and I often notice when I sit on a train that people tend to speak loudly on their mobile phones or to the friend sitting next to them quite oblivious to others. I was travelling to London and the journey took forty minutes. I sat opposite two men who were having a conversation that moved from one topic to another. Although I was not intending to listen in on their conversation it was hard not to take note. One of the men described how he had sacked an employee the previous day because he did not have the skills for the job. The irony for me was that while he was probably right to dismiss him, it was his apparent lack of compassion that gripped my attention. His only concern seemed to be making a profit? What was even more intriguing was that his friend did not challenge his negative comments that were made, neither did he offer an alternative view. I wondered if we have become more concerned with profits than people.

Based on what I had heard I came to my own conclusions and this is what I reflected on that entire day.

We are less concerned with people’s welfare, we are focusing more on ourselves with very little concern for others. Of course a business is aiming to make a profit, but it is people who make businesses work and not the other way around. In Oder for employees to do a half decent job they need training in order to develop the right skills for the job. It is only as our potential is developed that we can truly make a contribution and a difference. Did that employee deserve to be castigated in that way in a public space? I don’t think so.

However bad he might have been at his job he was still deserving of respect. Perhaps compassion is an outmoded idea in these modern times, but I believe that we get the most from people when we treat them with dignity. That employee was not the only one in need of training; the manager also needed training about a lot of things including diplomacy. I thought he was a good candidate for performance coaching. I should have slipped him one of my business cards.

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