Dig Deep

This week in the national newspapers a man called Caplan made an interesting find. The story became national news. Paul Caplan and his fellow club members were search in a field in Buckinghamshire with their sensors. They were looking for treasure. Coleman came across some ancient coins that were buried under the earth in an earthen vessel. It is believed that these coins dated back to Norman times. On finding this treasure he instantly became a millionaire and exclaimed “this is something you dream of, let alone digging up”.

This story made me think of the treasure we have inside that is often buried so deep inside of us, that we do not even dream that it exists. We only see what is on the surface, but in order to find the real treasure we have to dig deep. It is only when we go on a personal expedition, or soul searching that we find unexpected things. I imagine that Coleman went to that field and many more like it before he found the treasure.

First to dig deep we need to be persistent constantly connecting on different levels with ourselves. This is where we will make our best efforts. Treasure does not come when we scratch around the surface, because it is usually buried deep and consequently is hidden. We need to return to the same spot over and over again to find what is already there. Sometimes this can be painful as well as tiresome and time-consuming, but the search cannot end until we have dug deep in the hidden places to find the treasure we are seeking.

Second, it seems to me that we need to have the right frame of mind to pursue where others might see our efforts as futile. It’s being intrepid, and fearless. How many times have you been told it’s a waste of time, why not give up, or it’s a losing battle. It is when others try to discourage us that we need to become all the more persistent.

Third, digging deep means self-denial. We have to give up the parts of ourselves that feel cosy, suffer discomfort and be willing to go the distance. It is only then that we will find the treasure within.

Have you got a dream and need to dig deep to find it? Do you want to connect with your inner resources?

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