Get up, dust off, have another go

I was the proudest grandmother when my grandson first learnt to ride his bike at the age of three. He was a picture of joy and happiness but it was also a bit scary as he rode around the park. In order to give him a head start his dad would push him off and away he would go. He would concentrate so much that often he did not look to see what was around him. But he learnt how to command this skill and in time became so confident that he graduated to a big boy’s bike with pedals. He eventually reached the point where he could take his feet off the pedals and free ride down a hill. At times he fell off, but he got up, bushed off and was on his way again. The most important thing for him was enjoying the ride and more importantly, mastering his bike.

Isn’t life like that for us as adults? In order to learn mastery over any difficulty we have to put up with the trial and testing that come our way. When our plans do not materialise, when we face disappointments, when relationships break down, when we loose a job or move from stability to instability we have to learn how to cope. This involves developing new skills.

I have come to understand that learning is an integral part of the circle of life, and moreover that we learn more when things go wrong than when we are blissfully happy. Disappointments shape us into the people we are and in many respects make us more resilient.

As a life coach I work along side others to support them in building new skills and connecting with aspects of the self that might not have been developed. Adopting a new perspective on life when things go wrong provides the basis for learning new skills that in turn helps us to adapt to difficult lift events.

  • Would you like to get up and have another go?
  • Would you like to learn new skills or even revisit your existing skills?
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