UPDATE: Breakthrough to Success in Leadership Seminar

On 20th May 2016, I delivered a seminar in London entitled ‘Breakthrough to Success in Leadership’. This seminar turned out to be a successful attempt at bringing people together for the purpose of coaching on principles that encourage success.

From the beginning of the day, the positive energy in the room was undeniable. Learning took place at a deep level with delegates, from diverse cultural backgrounds, sharing and exchanging rich information nuggets about their personal and professional triumphs and successes. Their contributions enhanced the day and made the responses within the small and large group discussions rich and vibrant. It was good to have a balance of females and males adding to different perspectives and viewpoints.

The room was filled with a real sense of inquiry as we concentrated on the principles that lead to successful leadership from a personal and professional perspective. I focused on the importance of becoming a leader that others would want to follow, and supported the delegates in identifying their level and style of leadership. This gave positive affirmation and connoted to their skills, knowledge and abilities. Equally, a space was created where the delegates could engage in self-inquiry through their personal lenses as a tool for positive communication to assist with the thorny issue of conflict. Active engagement was achieved as the delegates were given an opportunity to work with tools that promoted open and honest dialogue.

The seminar proved to be powerful and intentional with exceptional feedback. Each delegate wrote that the seminar was good value for money and that they would recommend it to friends and colleagues. I was humbled when at the end of the day I was given a surprise when one member of the group was chosen to give me verbal feedback, thereby publicly verbalising overwhelming support for the way the seminar was conducted. This was followed after the day with personal emails of thanks and congratulations, which were all together heart warming!

See what some of the delegates had to say:

This seminar made me think about myself in any context and how I interact with others” – Dave
The ambience of the seminar was sober, the presentation did not have difficult vocabulary and was authentic” – Rose
“The course was brilliant, well explained and very interactive” – Zahida
The success principles will make me a more awesome leader” – Dennis
I learnt that it is important to develop self awareness, perseverance and willingness to challenge in order to bring about, and create change” – Delia

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