The Nicest Manager

Nice and manager are two words that don’t go together very often. The general notion is that nothing nice can be a manager, and in turn, no manager can be nice. But, have you ever thought that this notion may well not always be completely true, or that it may be challenged? The perception that managers are not nice is merely just a perception which has been created, but does everyone conform to this so-called rule? It is natural for people conform existing ideas because they fear change or the challenging of doing things differently, but non-conformity can be as harmful to employees as well as managers. Here is an example from a well-accomplished manager. John Maxwell tells a story of a successful businessman set up his company and placed his son as the shop floor manager. As time passed he heard his son being disrespectful to his employees. He called him into his office and dismissed him. After taking this action he said, son how can I help you to be a better manager

No doubt there would be managers that are unfriendly, a little less kind and a bit harsher, and quite a lot are insensitive with their approach towards their employees; however, there also are certain managers who don’t possess any of these traits.

There are managers that are kind with their words, supportive in nature and believe in nurturing their relation with the employees every now and then by being amongst them. They form a sect of nice managers. They are the ones who are valued better, respected more and loved the most by their employees. They are the type of managers that employees chose to follow.

Such nice managers are one of the biggest assets of the company they work for, not because they just work hard or make mind-blowing strategies. They also have to potential to keep the employees tied to the company and get the most out of them.

You may be wondering how it is possible to manage people effectively whilst still being nice to employees, you are not alone. Because, with some efforts and a fresh smile on your face, you too can achieve the bets from your workforce by being a nice manager.

The main trick here is simply knowing how! Well, the trick is right here, lying open in front of you. The first thing that you will have to take up to attain this position is bringing about a change in yourself through self-analysis. The whole attitude of being a manager that clouds your mind is the main thing that is going to obstruct your way towards being the nicest manager.

The first step that you are required to consider while you step on the road to be the nicest manager is getting rid of all the attitude, arrogance and ego that you may have developed due to your position. Cut off your wings, get grounded and mix with your people. This is when you will start succeeding in the bid to attain the title of the nicest manager.

Along with this change in attitude, a bit of difference in your tone will also help you to attain the title of the nicest manager. Be polite while you talk, and help team members that are struggling. This will make things cool between you and your team members, facilitating them to communicate easily with you, which obviously is essential for the progress of the company.

Breaking the ice is also of the essence when you are the manager. Your employees are not likely to take the first step in doing so, therefore it is ultimately your job to make them feel comfortable. Start talking to them about things other than their job, start to value them and show interest in their lives and they will start to feel more comfortable and will perform better in their job.

Building up a relationship with your employees will facilitate you to give feedbacks to them as well. It is certain that knowing how to give effective feedback will win the hearts and minds of your employees. When the time opportunity calls, you will be able to deliver your appreciation smoothly to the employees, which again is essential for providing them with encouragement to work with their optimal efficiency. Alongside efficiency is self-efficacy; employees will begin to believe in their personal ability, skills and the attributes that initially brought them into their job. As their confidence grows in the nicer manager they will movie rapidly towards competence and fulfilling their dreams.

Apart from efficiency, what any employee needs are a level of understanding with their managers. The moment you have it established with the people working under you, they will freely approach you with all their problems, giving you a chance to better their lives as they might be looking up to you to seek guidance. This will not only make them appreciate you, but it is also more likely that they will seek your advice instead of simply becoming unhappy, disillusioned and looking to leave. When an employee leaves an organisation all the investment that was made in them is lost. Ultimately the manager ends up losing not winning.