How to become a pro presenter

Be it a student or an employee, anyone can be a great presenter if they possess certain qualities. As a student, you will be asked to present your projects, as an employee you will be representing your company by means of an important presentation. So how will you ace such a presentation? Or rather how will you become a pro presenter?

Let your thoughts stray and question: ‘what separates a pro from an average presenter?’ After all a presentation should never be done with the aim of merely giving information but should be done with the intention of leaving a lasting mark.

Below listed points will provide you with guidance, as to how can you be a pro presenter.

The World is Your Stage

Remember Shakespeare’s famous quote “All the world’s a stage”, so treat a presentation like a drama show. A strong presentation presents the facts and statistics, yet this is not enough; it’s very important to leave your aura lingering on the stage long after the last words of your presentation have been uttered.

It’s natural for people not to remember all the facts and statistics you displayed, so it’s up to you to tell your story with dramatic flair; this way you’ll be hard to forget.

The preparation for your presentation should be as such that you are confident enough to provide relevant answers related to the subject.

Lead role

A pro presenter is always the lead actress/actor and not someone in the background. A pro speaker gives more credence to the performance and therefore ensures that any props are just temporary distractions.

This will allow you to talk more and it is the best way to grab attention of your audience. If you wish to leave an impression, ensure that you are the centre of attention.

Be specific

At Connected Life Coaching we know how easy it is to stray away from the topic while presenting and it may sound simple, you’d be surprised how often people, in a fit of nerves, stray away and ramble on.

Sticking to the topic will reflect your dedication and understanding. Also, the audience at the venue are there to learn on the related topic. Therefore, you must oblige and stay true to the topic. That does not mean you are being restricted; it simply requires you to work on clever frame of words, numbers and emotions.

Body language

A correct posture and the right body language will command attention. Be loud and clear, use hand gestures to involve your audience, stand tall, smile and move around the stage with confidence.

The above key points are perfect to train yourself as a pro speaker. But, if you ever find yourself in doubt, contact Connected Life Coaching.