Anxiety Can Be Defeated

“Smile Even If You Don’t Feel Like Smiling.”

– Keith Humphreys

In order to defeat anxiety, you must learn the meaning behind this seven-letter word and familiarise yourself with its symptoms. Without this understanding you cannot accept it and anxiety cannot be defeated if you do not fully understand the power it has over you and your decision-making.

What is Anxiety?

It is the pressurising feeling that the weight of the world is on your shoulders. It is the feeling that the ground is shrinking beneath your feet.

At its worst, anxiety will influence your behaviour in such a manner that you will perhaps not be able to complete everyday task or duties. What anxiety does is affect your very personality and no longer allows you to be yourself.

What is Anxiety?

Even if you are someone who is blessed with an outstanding support system, anxiety can still make you feel like an outsider. Staying tucked up in bed all day long is often a more preferable option than continuing with your everyday lifestyle as one cannot see the reality of the world through the distorted view they have in their head.

Although it’s often one of the toughest things a person will ever have to do, it is important to take a proactive approach. Certain small adjustments can reduce its symptoms.

Below are a few actionable activities that we suggest, to reduce and ultimately conquer your anxiety.

Accept Your Anxiety

As mentioned before, accepting your anxiety is essential because only then you will be able to take action towards conquering it. The road to recovery cannot be taken if one cannot admit that a problem exists; acceptance will contribute to recovery by creating a clear and open mind.

Try to Be Calm

To relieve the stress that exists physically in your body, try to exist in a state of calmness. A natural way to reduce the level of anxiety is to actively search for things that make you calm and this can often be watching something that proves to be a stress buster or reading a great book.

Take Up Small Projects

Break all the huge projects into small tasks. Workloads can be overwhelming and the last thing you need whilst you’re mind in not as sharp as it normally would be. Smaller tasks seem more achievable and realistic; thus, relieving you of a lot of pressure.

Positive Affirmations

Positivity will take you far, whether you suffer from anxiety of not. Use positive affirmations to encourage yourself. Repeating affirmations will bring a positive change in you.

With life coaching sessions you will be able to identify the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. Meanwhile it will equip you with an inner self-belief, which will only motivate you to see things differently and this want for positive outcome will give you all the more reason to contact Dr. Lynda Ince at Connected Life Coaching.

Take action and take control of your life.

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