Business Coaching

All businesses have aims and objective and in order to reach these they must invest in staff. Performance Coaching is a way of helping staff in any organisation to perform to their optimum and bring amazing results to the organisation for which they feel passion and pride. The best results are possible when new or existing staff and need to learn and contribute to an organisation’s goals. It helps them to understand how they fit into the bigger picture.

Business coaching offers the following:

  • Values staff as they are encourage to buy into organisational goals
  • Improves staff performance by investing in people
  • Encourages better communication across the organisation and with service users
  • Works well with teams as staff members share their experience and expertise
  • Maximises productivity and profits
  • Helps senior and middle managers to set targets and achieve them
  • Helps an organisation focus on SMART goals
  • Helps staff to cope with the demands and pressures placed on them as well as enjoy the reward of their employment through motivation
  • Maximises on staff talent and areas of special interest
  • Explores work life balance
  • Reduces stress

In personal coaching and business coaching I apply some of the concepts and techniques advocated by NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) because it offers an excellent framework for focusing on the importance of communication and how our brain is wired to give a response as we learn and assimilate new information.
Learn more about Performance Coaching and NLP. (PDF, 83kB)

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