Life Coaching Hertfordshire

Life is tough, yet very precious. It’s a gift and a responsibility to handle. It may be a very personal thing to you, where you can chose to do anything; yet, the feeling of making the most out of life still persists within all of us. Technically speaking, life is a definite time that you have on this Earth. No one knows where are you’re going to go and where you have come from before you were blessed with this life. It is a time that you have in your hands to bring about some change into the world or merely enjoy it to the fullest.

However, we have drifted away from this simple objective of life. Materialistic mentality and desires for various luxuries and pleasures have pushed us into a deep race that seems to be never ending. That very rat race that we all are now part of, is the concept we are talking about. This race is too vast and extensive, full of people from all over the world. Which is why, there are many people who get lost in this giant marathon.

This is the precise the time when you need someone to get back on the track. This is the moment when you need a person to coach you and up lift your spirit so as to push you back into the race, so that eventually when you reach the end of it, you feel sufficed and complete. This sort of coaching is our speciality at Connected, we excel on a very extensive front when it comes to life coaching Hertfordshire.

As a coaching firm, there are various types of support and guidance that we provide. Based in Hertfordshire, we’re incredibly meticulous with our approach, ensuring you receive the highest quality service. This is because, it is life that we would be dealing with and as a brand, we understand the essence of each and every life. We know how much does every life mean to this world and the amount of importance it holds in so many aspects. This is the sole reason we have a specialised, expert and focused approach to each individual client. Read further to know it in detail.


We connect people to their potential

The main issue these days is that people are not aware about their original potential. A standard norm for education and qualification is set by the people sitting a top position and based on those filters, people are judging themselves. This is creating a problem because everyone is getting his or her personalities and caliber streamlined to a certain benchmark and is not looking out of the box.

People are not aware about their original potential as no one is making an effort to bring that out of them. Just like factories, people are getting stamped with degrees and are being delivered out of their universities, straight into the corporate worlds as if they are Cola bottles on a rubber conveyer belt. This is not letting people explore their full potential and that is causing depression amidst people. At Connected Life Coaching we try to break this mind set in the very first session in our classes.

We break this monotony and urge people to bear a torch in their hand to seek for their real potential. There are many who are afraid to push themselves further. Such are the ones who are benefitted the most by us because we give them the required push and then they shine all the way to glory, leaving a star trail before reaching their destiny. 

Corrected Self-determination and providing growth

Self-determination and growth, both walk hand and hand. The moment you are not self-determined, you are not going to grow even a bit. We understand this and we strain on this very fact while giving life coaching Hertfordshire. We are in the industry of life coaching understand that people these days lack a lot of self-determination. We are the people who are fueled by other’s praises and their criticism demotivates us.

However, this is just a barrier towards growth and over coming your own boundaries is what you will learn from us in our coaching sessions. Our coaches will help you attain enriched self-determination that will pull you towards your growth and destiny that will be coated with glittery success and satisfaction.

Goal setting

As mentioned earlier, life is meant for you to do something out of it. Your career is just a part of it and that doesn’t determine everything that you have made out of your life. However, the fact cannot be ignored that you cannot reap the best of your life without having a goal set in your mind. As you see, life is a journey and every journey has a destination. You goal in life is something that precisely plays the role of destination and that is why; it is vital to have a goal in life.


However, at times, your priorities might change and you may deviate from your primary goal. In certain times, it may even happen so that you may simply set a primary goal that is unpractical and impossible to achieve. This is in fact quite common which why, to correct that, you will benefit from our professional support and guidance.

When you sit with our coaches during the life coaching Hertfordshire sessions, they analyse, understand and assess you. They establish a connection with you and reach to the bottom of your individual minds, knowing your potential, thinking, aims and desires. Based on everything, they help you set a precise goal. This initiates a process in your life, owing to which you start putting all your efforts towards reaching the goal, bringing your life back on track, adding positivity to it.

Giving a boost

At times, you may be headstrong about your priorities. You may work towards attaining them and run wildly towards your goal. But as Rocky Balboa says, “the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, it’s a very mean and nasty place ” Well, at Connected Life Coaching, we agree to what Rocky says because its entirely true. Our coaches are well aware about the fact that there are many hurdles and impedances that you have to face while you are jogging towards your final goal. 

The obstacles, stop, trip and fall you. However, the secret to still move forward is to simply get up, brush your pants, pull up your socks and start running again. Yet, we know that it’s not as simple as done. There are so many people out there who want to do this, yet they fail at it because they have a really great and nasty fall. At times after you fall, it nearly seems impossible to resume the race. That is when motivation comes into play.

Motivation is that one secret tool or may be; we can even call it a blessing that we get very rarely. However, the moment we get it, we are all ready to dash with a new energy and aura. However, we live in a very busy world and there is hardly anyone around who can motivate you to the fullest. That is why, at Connected, we believe in motivating you and up lifting your spirits during your coaching sessions so that you get up and start running towards your goal with a new profound energy and speed.

At We also provide you with management coaching and business coaching which you might prefer to take up to make the most out of your life coaching Hertfordshire sessions. All of these together will make you formidable, helping you take on the world and succeed in your bid to reach your goal. Contact us for further information of other online courses too.


Think, focus and win

It’s all in the mind, they say; and it is totally correct. The moment you have correct things right into your mind, there is no one who can stop you. However, your mind is wilder than 100 mustang horses together and taming it to always think for your own benefit is very difficult. There are many researches that prove that human minds tend to focus on the negative things more than the positives of life. We at Connected Life Coaching know this very well and that is precisely what we focus to correct when you take up life coaching Hertfordshire sessions with us.

During the sessions, we emphasis on positive thinking as we instill a positive approach towards life, in you. We understand that nothing can happen unless and until you don’t change your frame of mine and don’t alter your way of thinking. That is why, during our sessions we bring about a revolution in the manner you think, helping you think positively towards you and your life.

It’s not just positivity that we concentrate on. For attaining a specific goal, other things that are vital are, focus, stability and sheer will. Development of all of these is also a part of our life coaching Hertfordshire program. All of these combined together help you conquer all your challenges, there by assisting you to attain what you are aiming to fetch in your life. On attaining of which, you endow yourself with satisfaction and fulfillment.   

Well, this was all about Connected . If you feel that you need some sessions with us, then don’t hesitate and simply give us a call. If you want, you can stay updated with our latest insights in the sphere of various types of coaching by staying tune on our blog. There also are many events that we conduct, attend a few to know more about us