Are you looking for a change in direction in your career or personal life?
Are you studying and need someone to encourage and guide you along your chosen path?
Do you want to make discoveries about your potential and capabilities?
Would you like to work with a person who can facilitate your learning and support you in reaching your goal?

If your response was ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this is what mentoring can offer you.

What is Mentoring?

  • Mentoring is a way of supporting another person while not making decisions for them
  • A mentor acts like a role model by making suggestions and exploring the mentees ideas. The approach taken is to support the mentee in considering different options in creative ways
  • Managers can access the services of a mentor to help them build a successful business or they can provide this service for staff who are aspiring to become supervisors or managers within their organisation
  • Students frequently approach me at various stages of their career to guide and support them through their studies and professional life so that they can attain a qualification

Mentors and life coaches can act in this role for parents who lack parenting skills or for young people who need to develop life skills. Once again the list of possibilities are endless.  In each case there is a challenge that a mentee is facing and need a mentor to come alongside them and help in building confidence to overcome whatever challenge they are facing. By supporting an organisation or an individual to consider different options the mentor allows the mentee to communicate their ideas, to be innovative, creative and proactive. Allowing people to be creative and solution focused is what ultimately leads to success.

The type of mentoring I can offer will entirely depend on the challenges you are facing, but in every situation I will take following steps:

  • Set out a contract or work plan
  • Act as an enabler by supporting you to make informed choices
  • Remain faithful to a strength-based approach. This will enable you to become inward looking so that you will be able to identify the areas where you are resilient and develop in the areas where there is weakness
  • Observe your actions and provide the type of feedback that is most helpful to your situation
  • Is solution focused

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