Relationship Building Hertfordshire

Relationship Building Hertfordshire

Relationships are the key to leading a fulfilling and enjoyable life, and a life of solidarity often proves to be a difficult one. However, times have changed and social interaction is getting more and more rare, and increasingly challenging for people to engage in. Engrossed in the web of technology and pressed under heavy workload, we have reached such a phase in which relationships have taken a backseat in our life. Yet, at times, we do feel a need to have some one being all ears to our random blabber and be by our side when we feel left out alone.

But, no more is the art prevailing in us wherein we have the ability to make such relationships. So, if you are facing a similar issue then you need the help of experts. Here at Connected Life Coaching, we are experts at relationship building in Hertfordshire. We excel in helping you overcome the impedance that you face while building relationships as well as make you aware about many important aspects about relations. Want to know more? Read on…

Explaining the Meaning of a Good Relationship

Before building relationships, it is mandatory to know what relationships are. As individuals, what we want are a few good relationships in our lives on which we can rely and trust whenever called for. That is solely the reason we focus on letting you know what kind of relation will exactly act as a good relationship for you and helps you develop, mature or at times just stays there by you in support.

At Connected Life Coaching, we explain how you can gauge a relationship for its goodness towards you, so that you end up with only a selected number of people in your life while you get down with relationship building Hertfordshire. This selected number of people will be the ones who get you through all your bad times as well as will gel into your happiness making it theirs equally.

These will be the people you will like to stay with rather than shunning away from them. They are the ones you will like to spend time with, as that will endow you with pleasures and bliss of life. However, things don’t stop here only.

As the experts in relationship building in Hertfordshire, we know that every relation seems to be in this similar light at the very beginning. What matters the most is what shape the relationship takes after time has passed. Gauging this is something that will help you avoid bad relations and that will be effectively taught by us.


Things to Consider in terms of a Good Relationship

Following are just some of the factor you should consider in terms of your relationship building in Hertfordshire.


We just stated that happiness and containment are one of the parameters to consider a relationship as good for you while you take up relationship building Hertfordshire. However, there are other things as well to consider, so as to ensure that you genuinely get into a good relation and not just a pseudo one, and for that, the first thing to consider is trust.

Trust is the foundation upon which you should build your relationships. It is the trust that helps you decipher who is genuinely worthy for you to invest your time and feelings. Trust is also the ultimate factor that facilitates and fosters forming bonds between two individuals.

It is a fact that you are not likely to bond well with anyone whom you don’t trust at all. So, while relationship building in Hertfordshire, one of your first consideration should be who you trust entirely. These are the people that have the potential to be with you for a longer period of time. However, it is also essential for you to be trustworthy too, because relationships are a two-way thing and not just a one-way effort.

Mutual Respect

After trust, you have to check for mutual respect. As experts in relationship building in Hertfordshire, at Connected Life Coaching we understand the importance and significance of mutual respect. A relationship never works when there is a lack of respect amongst either member and if respect is a one sided thing in a relationship then it has the potential to be even more hazardous.

For this reason, we advise that while you select someone to form a bond with, ensure to check that the opposite person holds you in great respect. See if the person values your ideas, thoughts, personality and you as a whole. If the person respects you then it is going to be reflected in their attitude towards you.


Of course, with trust and respect, mindfulness is also a contributing factor in forming a good relationship. However, this might not be the case for everyone, which is why you must look for it as well while relationship building Hertfordshire. Going by the definition, mindfulness is the attitude and tendency to be careful of what you say and own up to what you communicate. Yet, drifting a bit from the definition and speaking from our experience, mindfulness is also the act of refraining yourself from imparting your negative vibes to others.


A relation is not going to go a long way if you derive no sense of support from it. However strong you are, there are times when you need someone to lean on. If the newly formed relation is such that you don’t derive support form it whenever you seek for it, then that relation is atrociously harmful for you. The reason being is that you as an individual will give the relation your hundred percent efforts but what you will get back in return wont even be a half of it.

You should look out for support when you are relationship building in Hertfordshire, and we can show you exactly how to do this. The moment you have a shoulder to place your head on to cry or a hand to grip around when you are insecure, you will surely feel content and understand the real value of that relationship. Also, such is the kind of relation that will never fade off in your adversities but will in fact make efforts to pull you out of it.

Open Communication

Last but not at all the least; this is the simplest, yet the most important parameter to check during relationship building in Hertfordshire. A relation shouldn’t feel the need to hold back or have secrets. The communication should flow openly without any filters and feelings being hidden. For this reason, we advise you to build relationships with one those who you feel communicate openly with you without hiding anything.

For more information on our relationship building in Hertfordshire, and to talk to a professional about your requirements and expectations, contact us and we will be able to answer all your questions.