What is Performance Coaching and NLP

Coaching is the key that unlocks your potential and allows you to move forward in any direction with renewed vigour and hope.

At various points of our lives we need to set goals that will enable us to perform at our maximum and increase our potential to grow. Performance Coaching is recognised as a positive strategy that helps people to become successful in any area of their lives. It is well known to enhance people capabilities, allowing them to set and achieve any desired goal whether this may be in their personal/private or professional lives. In either sphere coaching will give you the result you want to achieve.

My role is to develop a coaching relationship with my coachees by working on an equal basis so that you will be able to make your own decisions without being told what to do. Action planning is a key strategy in this process.

What is NLP?

  • Neurology – How we use our minds to think
  • Linguistics – How we use language to communicate
  • Programming – How we order our actions to plan and achieve goals

The brain is fearfully and wonderfully made, it is without doubt the best tool we have at our disposal for creating memories and storing information. It is flexible and stretches with use to accommodate new learning and store old learning that is no longer needed. Consider your brain to be akin to the engine in a car or an intricate underground system of networks with profound capabilities dictating the way you think, act and behave.  As well as storing good memories, the brain is also capable of storing negative and harmful information that causes us to behave in ways that are not conducive to good outcomes. The brain can only react to what we think and believe, leading to patterns of learned behaviour.

NLP offers the following:

  • Helps with building useful for life skills.
  • Techniques for exploring our personal connections, how to manage relationship, overcome negative thinking and be curios about how we think and feel.
  • Advocates a better understanding of how the unconscious mind works to help us achieve goals
  • How to be most effective in our patterns of communication
  • Helps with gaining control over the reactions we get from others
  • Brings awareness of the things that are important
  • Helps with bridge building to sustain relationships
  • Provides insight into the working of the mind
  • Supports goal setting and action planning
  • Is outcome focused

Whether you are accessing my coaching services as an organisation or as an individual my approach will be to keep you connected to your aspirations and goals.

These are some of the outcomes you can expect from my performance life coaching. I will

  • Assist you in monitoring and reviewing your action plan so that you can remain connected to your goals
  • Stay in tune with any goals you set and check on your level of motivation to keep your goals uppermost in your mind
  • Help you to gain perspective so that your goals will be aligned with the outcomes you are seeking
  • Support you in becoming resourceful by moving away from limiting beliefs
  • Assist you in understanding the role your values and beliefs play in relation goal-setting
  • Use well designed tried and tested goal setting and NLP tools to assist you in understanding whether you are a thinker, doer or a feeler
  • Ask you to provide an action plan consisting of small steps leading to your big life goal.
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Enhance you skill set
  • Is solution focused